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Magnetic Therapy Insole

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Material: breathable plastic or silicone, built-in natural biological magnet
Function: anti-fatigue, health, weight loss, deodorant, sweat
Color: Transparent, Beige, Coffee Color
Gender: Unisex
Size: According to the size of the size of arbitrary cutting, 35-45 yards have
1. Foot massage enhances health and resistance to disease
2. Comfortable material, shock absorption, clean ventilation
3. Every sweat, deodorant, easy to wash and use
4. If necessary, you can cut according to the tick marks
1. A device that allows the blood vessels in the foot to expand, absorb heat, and transfer heat throughout the body
2. Quickly remove harmful substances such as calcium, lactic acid and uric acid from the body
3. Make your blood fluent

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